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Emotional Therapeutic Counselling

Hi, I am Claire Harrison, a qualified Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor and member of the National Counselling Society.

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self healing therapies with claire harrison


I have helped clients work through feelings and identify thought patterns which are causing them difficulties, so they can feel happier and lead more empowered lives.

I create a space where clients can relax and be their “true selves,” whatever that might be. I am able to sit with very difficult emotions which may never have been shared before.

I hope to give you acceptance for who you are in a supportive, warm and understanding environment.

I am based in Newent in the Forest of Dean. I offer Face To Face Counselling sessions at my home, and at Gloucester Quayside Well-being, in the centre of Gloucester. I also offer PHONE and ZOOM Counselling (I have lots of experience of using both now thanks to Covid). So you may not live in my area but we can still connect and work together. If you would like to chat to discuss any of my counselling services please do get in touch.

How do I work?

My aim for you is to to find a greater understanding for why you feel like you do, think like you do and behave like you do, so that you can identify and make changes where those old beliefs are not serving you, for a more positive and empowering future.

The process works, but it does take time and engagement and commitment from the client. It is not a quick fix. Though some issues can be worked through easier than others. 

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Qualifications And Experience

I have an Advanced Diploma in Emotional Therapeutic Counselling and have been practising since 2018.  I am also a member of The National Counselling Society

This type of counselling offers a means of helping people who are suffering emotional turmoil in their lives, whether brought about by crisis, a long term situation, persistant unhappiness, depression, apathy or difficulty relating to others.

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling holds the holistic premise that the spirit is of equal importance to the mind and body. It seeks to promote healing of the original wounds by working through feelings.Its aim is to bring clients to a wholeness from which they can comfortably live in their world and manage their lives.

I have worked with clients who wanted help with: low-self esteem, suicidal thoughts, child abuse, addictions, domestic abuse, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, abortion, body dysmorphia, illness, infertility, adoption, anger, bearevement and loss.

From a previous client:
” A safe space to share. I’ve gained so much having sessions with Claire. She is kind, calm, empathetic, gentle and wise. She’s mindful and respectful and always accommodating. I love her holistic approach and I connected with and found benefit in this. “

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